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Websites to help manage your social networks? Is this necessary?

Answer: Yeah, it kind of is.

Ian Cleary recommends several different websites as tools for improving your social media presence in this article. Some of his recommendations include using and ManageFlitter for Twitter and Triberr and Google Reader for blogs.

Although this just seems like an overwhelming amount of websites, usernames, and passwords, sites like these can be very helpful in making social networks like Twitter, simple and easy to understand. As someone who is new to using multiple social networks,  I greatly appreciate the service that they provide. HootSuite was not specifically mentioned in this article, but I find that it is very helpful and even though it adds yet another account to my list, it helps me save a lot of time by allowing me to manage multiple social networks in one place. I would recommend it to anyone who needs help managing the time they spend using social networks.

Using Social Networks to Promote Your Business

Instagram is a social networking site that is primarily used for photo-sharing. The Online Marketing Institute recently posted an article on using instagram to promote your business.  The article recommends that a business should use instagram to build their identity and a following, which they can monitor by using hashtags. Personally, I feel very overwhelmed by the plethora of social networks and the capabilities of each one, and that’s without trying to use them for business promotion. It seems to me that one would have to spend a great deal of time monitoring the various networks in order to keep up with what is happening because it all changes so fast. However, for a business, it truly is a great way to get your name out there because people spend a lot of their time online these days.

There’s no such thing as privacy on the web

I really like what this article sad that people used to want to know if the FBI had a file on them, but now we all have files on us, but not from the FBI. I know that this statement is very real. If I think about it long enough, I start to feel as if I’m in 1984 and Big Brother is everywhere. I choose rather to limit my time and what I do online and try to worry less about what advertisers and researchers know about me, while still keeping in mind the fact that future employers may judge me based on the small glimpses they may see about me on the internet. I don’t think it should be this way, but unfortunately I don’t have any influence over their policies.

big brother

Facebook: An Obsession for Many

I think facebook is often used for things it should not be. This infographic displays information for how many people use this social networking site and what they use it for. Facebook comes in handy for keeping up with family and friends who live out of state, but anyone who uses facebook to look up the news is looking in the wrong place. Usually the only type of “news” I see are ranting articles written by people on either of the extremes whose only goal is to simply tear down other people. I also dislike facebook and other social networks for the fact that it reduces the amount of time people spend in face-to-face communication. Social norms have a tendency to break down when there is anonymity and a lack of nonverbal communication. This is something I have seen first-hand in working in a call center, and I do not like what it does one bit.

Absinthe Party

This song always makes me miss Europe. The line about the park bench always brings tears to my eyes.  The song is by Minus the Bear. If you don’t know them, you need to.

Rick Steves Italy

Watch for some interesting info about the Pantheon and the Colosseum