Websites to help manage your social networks? Is this necessary?

Answer: Yeah, it kind of is.

Ian Cleary recommends several different websites as tools for improving your social media presence in this article. Some of his recommendations include using and ManageFlitter for Twitter and Triberr and Google Reader for blogs.

Although this just seems like an overwhelming amount of websites, usernames, and passwords, sites like these can be very helpful in making social networks like Twitter, simple and easy to understand. As someone who is new to using multiple social networks,  I greatly appreciate the service that they provide. HootSuite was not specifically mentioned in this article, but I find that it is very helpful and even though it adds yet another account to my list, it helps me save a lot of time by allowing me to manage multiple social networks in one place. I would recommend it to anyone who needs help managing the time they spend using social networks.


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